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  • Address: Université Paris-Dauphine Place du Maréchal de Lattre de Tassigny 75016 Paris France

Presentation Chair


The Chair is a place of exchange, reflection and innovation among its partners, academic institutions and other members. The Chair is particularly involved in the development of a specific culture of risk management by setting up specialized courses that are formed in partnership with Dauphine Masters and ENSAE. The long-term financial support of these projects by Groupama guarantees momentum and sustainability of the research undertaken.

The primary goal is to develop the theoretical research, as well as to generate new knowledge applied and useful to the insurance industry. Specifically, the main goals of the Chair are:

  • Participating in the development of the educational offer in the fields of risk and the risk behavior,
  • Opening opportunities for joint actions between partners,
  • Facilitating connection between students and the business partners,
  • Improving the level of excellence of the members by organizing research, training and international forums.

The main research topics of the Chair are related to the following themes:

  • Individual and collective risk behavior
  • Decision making in finance and insurance
  • Pensions, savings, life cycle, and long term care insurance
  • Empirical study of the economic behavior with regard to the financial and housing crisis
  • Mathematical tools and modeling for finance and insurance

The work of the research team of the Chair and its partners cover all of these five themes. In addition, an annual call for projects is launched toward local and international scientific community in order to select project proposals related to these five themes.

The Chair also supports training and professional integration in the field of insurance and finance, through a formalized partnership with nine different Masters’ degrees at Paris-Dauphine.

The organization of regular seminars and international conferences in partnership with foreign universities (Cass Business School, Harvard University, Oxford University …) permit fruitful collaboration with foreign researchers, renowned practitioners and policy-makers on current issues in the field of insurance and finance.

From January 2015, the Chair supports the recently created House of Finance, recently created to replace the Dauphine Finance Institute in the University of Paris-Dauphine.



Elyès Jouini, université Paris-Dauphine ; Head,

Najat El Mekkaoui de Freitas, university Paris-Dauphine ; deputy head and responsible seminar «Demographic economics»

Hippolyte d’Albis, university Panthéon – Sorbonne and PSE ; responsible seminar «Demographic economics»

Luc Arrondel, Paris Jourdan Sciences Economiques ;

Milo Bianchi, university Paris-Dauphine;

Luciano Campi, university Paris-Dauphine;

Alain Chateauneuf, university Paris-Sorbonne;

Cindy Duc, DREES and university Paris Dauphine;

Vincent Iehle, university Paris-Dauphine; responsible seminar « Decision, interaction and markets »

Bérangère Legendre, university of Savoie;

Meglena Jeleva, university of Mans;

Bertrand Maillet, university Paris-Dauphine;

Clotilde Napp, university Paris-Dauphine;

Maximilien Nayaradou, university Paris-Dauphine;

Joaquim Oliveira Martins, OCDE and university Paris Dauphine,

Jean Christophe Vergnaud, university Panthéon-Sorbonne;

Yannick Viossat, university Paris-Dauphine.