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8th Edition

International Pension Worshop

Keynote address: Carlo Cottarelli (IMF, FAD) 15h-16h15

Pension trends in the G20 countries

Session 1: Pension Systems and Reforms, room Raymond Aron, 20/05/2010, 16h15-18h15

Chair: Didier Blanchet (INSEE)

Welfare, inequality and financial consequences of a multi-pillar pension system

Javier Oliveira (Catholic University of Leuven)

The instrumental value of intergenerational equity

Claire Wood (Oxford University)

TFR vs Pension Funds. A model for the analysis of the incentives to adhere to the second pillar in Italy

Lorenzo Corsini, Pier Mario Pacini, Luca Spataro (University of Pisa)

Pensions under NDC scheme for french wage earners

Christophe Albert, Jean-Baptiste Oliveau (CNAV)


Patrick Aubert (DREES)

Carole Bonnet (INED)

Vincent Iehle (University Paris-Dauphine)

Keynote address: Gordon Clark (Oxford University) 9h-10h15

Risk, Pensions and Housing: a portofolio approach to retirement saving

Session 2: Pension funds and portofolio choices, room A709, 21/05/2010, 10h30-12h30

Chair: Carlo Cottarelli (I.M.F.)

Demography and the allocation of risks

Jochen Laps (Heidelberg University)

On wage uncertainty in DC pension plans

Rosario Monter (University of the Balearic Islands)

Optimal mix of funded and unfunded pension systems: the case of Luxemburg

Jean-Daniel Guiguou, Bruno Lovat, Jang Schiltz (Luxembourg School of Finance)

Voluntary saving for old age: are the objectives of self-responsability and security compatible

Bernard Casey (University of Warwick)


Carlos Pereira da Silva (ISEG, CIEF)

Jorge Bravo (University of Evora and ISEG CIEF)

Waldo Tapia (IBD)

Rosario Monter (University of the Balearic ISlands)

Session 3: Pension Systems and Labor Market, room A709, 21/05/2010, 14h-17h15

Chair: Noel Whiteside (Warwick University)

Senior activity rate, retirement incentives and labor relations


Hélène Blake, Marc Sangnier (PSE)

How sensitive are subjective retirement expectations to increases in the statutory retirement age? The German case

Michela Coppola, Christina Benita Wilke (Mannheim Research Institute for the Economic of Aging)

The economy of the possible: pensions and informality in Latin America

Rita da Costa, Juan de Laiglesia, Emmanuelle Martinez, Angel Melguizo (OECD)

Economic growth and income distribution among retirees

Bérangère Legendre (Université d’Orléans)

How does the delayed retirement bonus affect the labor supply of french older workers?

Samia Benallah


Christophe Albert (CNAV)

Cindy Duc (DREES)

El Mouhoub Mouhoud (University Paris-Dauphine)

Henri Sterdyniak (OFCE)

Session 4: Pension Funds, Insurance and Finance, room A701, 21/05/2010, 14h-17h15

Chair: Joaquim Oliveira Martins (OECD)

Generation life tables for Czech pension funds

Tomas Cipra (Charles University of Pragues)

The impact of financial crisis on pensions in latin american countries

Waldo Tapia (IBD)

Life insurance and the agency conflict: an analysis of prudential regulation to guard policyholders from excessive risk taking

Christian Wiehenkamp (Goethe University of Francfort)


Jochen Laps (Heidelberg University)

Lorenzo Corsini (University of Pisa)

Closing keynote adress: David Blake (Pension Institute Cass Business School) 17h15-18h15

Sharing longevity risk: Why government should issue longevity bonds?