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10th Edition

International Pension Workshop in collaboration with Netspar

You can find the program of this edition, here.

Netspar International Pension Workshop organized jointly with the 10th edition of the workshop on Pension, Insurance and Saving

Papers disscused will adressed the following topics :

  • Risk management during working life, life cycle saving and investment behavior   Risk management during retirement years .
  • The art of choosing, long term decision making of individuals 
  • Financial and investment decisions as well as supervision of fully funded pensions: solvency and transparency  
  • Risk sharing and distribution among generations, macroeconomic aspects of ageing and retirement
  • The labor market; retirement and health
  • Heterogeneity within generations and the position of senior citizen

This Pension Workshop is jointly organized by Netspar and by University Paris Dauphine-LEDa Team and supported by Chaire Dauphine-Ensae Groupama.

Keynote speakers are: 

Olivia Mitchell, the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School

Erik Hurst, the University of Pennsylvania Wharthon School

Didier Blanchet, INSEE

Policy Session:

 Chairman :

Gordon Clark, Oxford University

David Blake, Cass Business School, City University London

Ernesti Rezk, Institute of economics and Finance, National University of Cordoba 

Juan Yermo, OECD